Professional Design Projects

Sir John Hunt Award

Steel, 1968

Commissioned by Countrywide Holidays Association.

Stainless steel and green slate (Buttermere) base, 133mm diameter, 45mm thick.

Sculpture - donated as the YTV Canoeing Trophy

Steel, 1969

Stainless steel wire and plate, brass and wood.

Awarded to the winner of a "white water" slalom canoeing event.

Private donor commission.

Yorksport Sporting Personality Award 1969

Steel, 1969

Presented annually to an outstanding sporting personality by Yorkshire Television and The Variety Club of Great Britain.

Stainless steel, brass and acrylic.

A number of half scale replicas were made each year for presentation to "runner up" participants - or for special category recipients. (A project run of 12 years - 33 replicas in total)