Local pictorial imagery – a personal note

The studio is located on the edge of Wharfedale with its fast flowing streams and river which is the main stimulus to my creative activity.

Wharfedale has a background of high moorland hills, escarpments and a windswept tree line which collectively frame a visual experience of constant delight. This experience energises and sustains creative thought and is of direct influence in the design and shaping of my silver.

The Ilkley Moor escarpment features in 'Northern Silver' – part of The Goldsmiths' Company Creation Exhibition 2004 DVD. The associated winter images are located in the same area and within a brisk 30 minute walk of the studio.

How I work

The design concept is first established in sketch form, then further developed by a modelmaking stage which allows for consideration of alternative design solutions and the modification of proportions and textural detailing. This stage is a significant part of the design process and provides a means to refine a relatively loose concept into a more positively defined image.

Models are created in card, which as a pliable medium provides for easy manipulation of 3 dimensional form and the effective realisation of subtle textural detailing. Following further appraisal, these card models can then be developed and directly used in the role of patterns or templates – when the designs are transferred into metal.

A variety of silversmithing techniques — hand raising, casting, fabrication, forging, piercing and etching — can then be selectively employed to bring the design concept into reality.